I am an avid amateur photographer who is a systems engineer at a data storage software and equipment company by day, and an all-around geek by night.  Photography and ham radio are my two favorite pastimes, but I sometimes do code development or hardware geekery as well.  My undergraduate degree is in computer science (with a minor in mathematics) and I have an MBA and am a few courses short of completing a masters in computer science.

I am also a grandfather, and I enjoy my grandson a great deal.  He is photogenic and is one of my favorite subjects, as you will see.  This 365 project started as an opportunity for me to grow by adopting a consistent shooting/post-processing habit.  It will also afford me the opportunity to look at my development over time.  I am not particularly seeking comments, but if you feel the urge, go ahead.  I’ll get my photographic critique from a set of trusted agents.  Commentary from the internet is generally uneven and of unknown veracity.  It could be the wisest thing I ever read, or written by a madman.


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