Post 352 – Capturing the moment

Photographs are made for a number of reasons, and one is to capture a moment.  Snapshots are an example of a “capture the moment” photography, but so is documentary, so is photojournalism, etc.  People get hung up on pigeon-holing things and sometimes allow their biases (or preconceived notions if you like that term better) to impact their categorization.  The intent of the image and the thought that went into it (like the mens rea in criminal acts) is actually important at some level.  I think of snapshots as a literal “snap” shot.  One taken quickly with only minimal forethought and preparation.   They are the opposite of the deliberate capture of a scene with the intent to artistically (or at least pleasingly) capture the image.  This series of images of Mason are an example more of the later than the former.  The lighting was a SB-600 topped with a Stofen, pointing strait up into the ceiling.  The leakage on the side was enough to provide the fill so he didn’t have dark shadows on his eyes or face.

Recording the photographer's intent

Recording the photographer’s intent

Processed in Lightroom 4.3

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