Post 345 – Cactus-scapes II

Cactus are not what most folks would consider beautiful plants in comparison to other plants (e.g. few cultivate cacti even though they are easy to grow).  What beauty they have is in their character – that special appearance they get from surviving drought, blight, animals, insects and the burning sun.  Even here, you see the tips of new growth coming through.  Few will pick them on a corsage over a rose, or for Christmas instead of a poinsettia, but they are strangely attractive to me.  As I get older, I grow more appreciative of the plants and animals that can survive, and even thrive in crazy extremes that are common in Southern California, so given a chance I may do a study of cacti.  Sort of like Edward Weston’s series of peppers, a chance to explore shape, tone, and color searching for illusive qualities.  Hopefully I don’t go to the transcendency Weston described in his Daybook, but it could be a good personal development.  This is another image made where the light was lower, and high ISO (and attendant noise) was necessary, but it was easily processed out.

Cactus-scape II

Cactus-scape II

Another image that did not leave Lightroom 4.3.  I am so impressed with Lightroom.  Unless you need to do some fine masking, you can do an amazing amount in Lightroom and get great looking results.  By the way, I did investigate this flipped right-to-left, but didn’t like it as well.

Cactus-scape II (flipped)

Cactus-scape II (flipped)


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