Post 343 – Photographing fluff

I left the house early one Saturday morning determined to go grab some flower shots, and I had heard of, but not visited the Conejo Botanical Garden.  Sounds like a beautiful, peaceful garden doesn’t it?  If I had thought “Hey, isn’t this the dead of summer?  Won’t the place be dry and dessicated now?”  I would probably have chosen differently if I had, but I pressed blissfully on.  When I arrived, I discovered the gates locked and no sign of staff to let me in, so I tried the plants near the entrance.  The only thing left to photograph was these flowers composed of “fluff”.  They had the interesting property of making huge moves in even the slightest breeze.  I don’t know what type of plant this is, but I grew to like its simple gossamer structure.  A sturdy tripod, a medium extension tube, a 70 – 300 mm lens, with a remote flash and light stand and you are ready to go.  I have included a BTS (behind the scenes) image near the end of the post.



How I shot this (yes, the image was captured ni the middle of the day in direct sunlight.  I just used flash to make that “not an issue”).

Side lit, controlled with CLS

Side lit, controlled with CLS

Both were processed in Lightroom 4.3.


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